BBC PrimeTime now available only on S3

weekdays from 21h00-23h00

BBC PrimeTime now available only on S3

  • Monday’s to Wednesday’s - Enjoy Exceptional Dramas
  • Thursday - we’re going the extra mile with Extraordinary Documentaries
  • Friday’s - race into the weekend with some Exhilarating Entertainment




What is BBC Primetime?

BBC Primetime is BBC Studios’ first dedicated BBC branded block in South Africa, available on public broadcaster, SABC. The content block will be available to watch weekdays between 21:00 and 23:00 and will home award-winning BBC catalogue dramas, documentaries and factual entertainment.

Who can watch it?

BBC Primetime is available on SABC3 Monday-Friday between 21:00-23:00.

How much does it cost?

BBC Primetime is available on SABC3 which is a free-to-view public broadcaster.

What makes this channel different to BBC channels on DStv?
  • Curated especially with SABC3 audience in mind working closely with SABC team to select the fantastic, high-quality line-up of British content
  • The block is specifically focused on drama, documentaries and factual entertainment to suit SABC3 audience tastes. A window for new South African viewers for some of the wider offering and genres available in our award-winning catalogue 
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