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The greatest show in the universe

Monday 11 October 2021

In brand new docuseries Universe, Professor Brian Cox takes us on a journey through the vast depths of space.

Every day the universe grows, and so does our understanding of it. The scientific discoveries made in the last ten years mean that this collection of jawdropping videos of only recently discovered sights in this galaxy and beyond can be aired to you.

In brand new docuseries Universe, Professor Brian Cox takes us on a journey through the vast depths of space to show us these new discoveries, providing both the scientific know-how and some very soothing narration. Prepare to be inspired.

Following on from The Planets, the Universe continues to provide dramatic and awe-inspiring footage of events and places from your wildest imagination, and explains the impact of these on our lives on Earth today, tomorrow, and beyond. Watch the birth of a star, a supermassive black hole gorging on a whole planet and the collision of two galaxies. No big deal.

Each episode focuses on a different element of the universe we call home. We begin with the sun and stars - Professor Cox takes a trip to NASA’s Parker Solar probe, a spacecraft designed specifically to travel to and investigate our very own sun without perishing in the brutal conditions. It is the first ever spacecraft to touch a star! This amazing probe allows us to imagine life before life, right at the very beginning, and travel back in time to The Big Bang.

From there we’ll explore the possibility of alien life in different galaxies, which in the last few years has changed status, and has become a very real, very serious area of scientific research. If you’re an intense space geek or you’ve seen flashing lights in the sky that just didn’t quite look like an aeroplane, you don’t have to feel like a tin hat wearing conspiracy theorist any longer. Professor Cox takes us on a wild journey around the galaxies in an attempt to answer the age-old question: are we alone?

Professor Cox then takes us around the Milky Way, to the unfathomable darkness inside black holes, and ends where it all began - the Big Bang. Whether or not you’re a space fan already, you can’t fail to be impressed by the stunning scenes depicted on screen.

Take notes to wow your friends with your knowledge of cutting-edge science, or simply sit back, relax, and tune in to the greatest show in the universe. Every Thursday at 7pm CAT from the 18th of November, only on BBC Earth.

Alessandra Thom