Million Dollar Car Hunters

Mondays at 21:00

Step into the jaw-dropping world of the car specialists who travel the globe hunting down highly sought-after automobiles for wealthy collectors. This lively, character-driven series follows experts working for RM Sotheby’s - the world’s biggest classic car auctioneers. Based at RM Sotheby’s offices across North America and Europe, these engaging and passionate characters are under pressure to track down dozens of hugely desirable cars for each high-profile sales event. They must draw on their expertise, detective skills and networking prowess to unearth iconic classic and unique cars - including limited editions, renowned race winners and vehicles with eclectic histories or famous owners. The series captures all the excitement of the detective trail, as well as the nail-biting tension of the auction itself. Will they get to the car first ahead of rival auction houses? Will the super-rich turn up to bid? And after all the challenges they’ve faced in hunting them down, will these classic masterpieces sell for millions - or fail to reach their reserve price?

6 men standing in front of cars